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As part of the Business Services we offer tax advisory and consulting services.

Currently we are cooperating with The Law Office Lex Plus Leszek Bej limited partnership. We provide tax services, tax management and risk analysis.

We guarantee professional service and  very good cooperation with each Customer.

Consulting services are based on the analysis of financial strategies, preparing business plans and comprehensive assessment of the economic and financial condition of the company.

Range of Business Services:

a)      Tax advice:

  • tax management,
  • current tax services,
  • tax risk analysis.

b)     Consulting services:

  • financial strategy analysis,
  • preparation of business plans,
  • evaluation of companies financial and economic condition,
  • valuation of companies,
  • valuation of intangible assets,
  • cost accounting and management accounting analysis,
  • the quality of the customer base measurement,
  • analysis of intellectual capital,
  • evaluating and monitoring the implementation of the strategy.

c)      Law Office Lex Plus services

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